Head Coach: Niall Almond
Niall Almond is the Head Coach and founder of Almond Boxing Academy.  Not only is Niall a professional boxing coach but he is an avid fan of the sport, it’s in his blood.  Niall’s attention to detail and drive to get the best from his students is clear to see.  Accompanied with the high standards he expects from his students, Niall has built a formidable reputation.  With decades of experience and a wealth of knowledge, Niall has coached champions such as Olympic Gold Medalist Luke Campbell, ABA champion Matthew Wigglesworth, and English Superfly Weight champion Craig Derbyshire. If you are looking for a coach who can see your potential, and take you as far as you can go then Niall is the man to get you there.

Assistant Coach: Damian Banks

Damian Banks is a lifelong boxing fan.  Damian is relatively new to boxing coaching but with 4 children at home, he gets and maintains the children’s attention quickly. He communicates with the children effectively and draws the best out of them with his encouraging demeanor.  Damian’s keen eye means he is able to quickly spot and eradicate bad boxing practice.  He has a firm but fair attitude and the children thrive under his tutelage.  Find him coaching in the Mini and Junior sessions and assisting in the adult sessions.

Assistant Coach & Fitness Instructor: Dave Mickleborough

Dave Mickleborough is passionate about fitness.  He is driven by helping people reach their goals whether it’s losing a few pounds or bulking up to sculpt their ideal physique.  Dave’s strengths lie in fitness, strength and conditioning while utilising boxing techniques in training.  He loves circuit and weight training.  Dave loves the family ethos of Almond Boxing Academy and values being able to make a difference to those members lacking confidence.  While Dave has a serious attitude about training, he likes to make training fun and believes in positive reinforcement.