Craig Derbyshire

Craig “Dynamite” Derbyshire

Craig “Dynamite” Derbyshire is a professional boxer from Bentley, Doncaster. He currently holds the Central Area Bantam Weight Title, Central Area Super Flyweight Title and is the former English Super Flyweight Champion.

Craig has been a professional boxer for a number of years, coming to the sport later in life due to his background in MMA.

Craig’s corporate sponsors, Synetiq, Valuabullz, New Image Contracts, Ziggy’s Workhouse Gym, and Lady Muck’s Lodge support Craig in his professional boxing career.

Synetiq sponsor Craig Derbyshire as he defends his English Super Flyweight Title.
Valuabullz sponsor Craig Derbyshire as he defends his English Super Flyweight Title.
New Image Contracts sponsor Craig Derbyshire as he defends his English Super Flyweight Title.
Ziggy's Workhouse Gym Sponsor Craig "Dynamite" Derbyshire
Lady Mucks Lodge


Craig could be fighting for his next title soon.

Craig is open to accepting new corporate sponsorship. For more information please contact us.

Passionate Rett Syndrome Supporter

Craig is an advocate for Rett Syndrome awareness, lending support whenever he can.

Rett Syndrome is a genetic brain disorder which has no known risk factors, the genetic mutation which causes Rett Syndrome happens at random. Symptoms of Rett Syndrome tend to appear between 6 – 18 months of age in girls. The symptoms associated with Rett Syndrome include coordination issues, language difficulties and problems with repetetive movements.

Unfortunately, the genetic mutation which causes Rett Syndrom in boys often results in death in utero or early infancy.

Thankfully, Rett Syndrome is rare, it is estimated that 1 in 12,000 girls are born with the condition each year and is even more rare in boys.

Life with Rett Syndrome is hard for both sufferers and their families. Many therapies can be needed to improve quality of life including speech and language therapy, physiotherapy, and occupation therapy to name but a few.

The outlook for girls with Rett Syndrome varies on a case by case basis. However, most can be expected to require 24/7 care for throughout their lives. Life expectancy also varies, while some live a long life well into adulthood, others will pass away at quite a young age due to complications associated with the condition.

Find out more about Rett Syndrome and how you can help:

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