Doncaster Boxing Academy is a Knockout with Kids

Doncaster Boxing Free Press
Coaches Damian Banks and Dave Mickleborough, pictured with some of the children that attend the Academy. Picture: Marie Caley NDFP AlmondsBoxing MC 1

Doncaster Boxing Club is a Knockout with Kids.

Almond Boxing Academy is in the Doncaster FreePress.  The team produced a great editorial which really showcases what our gym offers for youngsters.  The team from the popular Doncaster newspaper conducted an interview with our Assistant Coach, Reece Stewart.

Football, rugby, and dancing are the main extracurricular activities for children in Doncaster.  Boxing is a welcome addition to what is available to children here in Thorne.  In his interview with the paper, Reece details what makes boxing stand out as an extra curricular activity

Boxing is not like football where you train one day a week and have a game at the weekend.  If these kids get into boxing it becomes a full time discipline.  When they aren’t here training they are out jogging, skipping, watching what they eat, trying to lose a few pounds for a fight.  It becomes a full time activity for them and changes their life. It’s rewarding to see the work we are putting in paying off and to see the effort the kids are putting in and how much they are enjoying it.” – Reece Stewart, Assistant Boxing Coach at Almond Boxing Academy.

You can read what else Reece has to say in the article here.

Doncaster Boxing Classes

We offer a free taster session for children. They are welcome to come along to one of our boxing classes to see if they enjoy the sessions.  If you would like to fetch your child to one of our boxing lessons, you can find details of class days and times here.  If you have questions before you bring them to a class, answers to the most frequently asked questions can be found here. For answers to any questions which are not answered there you are welcome to contact us.